Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One Of My Favorite MC's Pt. 2: Sean Price

Rising To The Top - Sean Price (feat. Agallah from GTA III)

Brokest Rapper You Know - Sean Price

King Kong - Sean Price

Heartburn - Sean Price

Like You - Sean Price

Boom Bye Yay - Sean Price

Thats all for now folks!!

One Of My Favorite MC's: F.T. a.k.a. Fuc That

The title of this post explains it all!

Metal Thangz (1996) - O.C., Pharaoh Monch, & Street Smartz
(From New York Reality Check 101 mixed by DJ Premier)

John F. Henessey (2001) - FT a.k.a. Fuc That

F B High (2000) - FT a.k.a. Fuc That

The World Is A Ghetto (????) -
FT a.k.a. Fuc That

Metal Thangz 2 - FT a.k.a. Fuc That (feat. Nature & Fat Joe)

Ever heard of Kid Hood?

The First dude to rhyme on the remix (4 those that don't know) was this homeless kid named Hood. Unfortunately, he was murdered 3 days after recording his legendary verse. This was the 2nd illest debut verse i ever heard (Nas Live at the BBQ was 1st). Take a listen and wonder what could've been......

Scenario Remix

Scenario (Original)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Where Is? Pt. 3 : Deez Muhfuckaz!!!!!!!!

Do Your Homework cuz I never knew too much about these cats...except Son Doobie..(I'll get to that later)

Troubleneck Bros. - Back To The Hip Hop (1994)

For Your Collection

This dude was a Wu Tang Affiliate (I guess) Somebody forgot to tell RZA.
King Just - Warriors Drum (1994)

For Your Collection

And Finally, FunkDoobiest. Honestly They were not that dope to me, save for this track, the Buckwild remix, and the fact that I lost one of my best friends and early rhyme partners around this time.
On a lighter note, this nigga SonDoobie used his rap fame to start a short lived porn career....I ain't lyin.

Rock On (Buckwild RMX) - FunkDoobiest (1994)

R.I.P. Boom Bless (1977-1995)

For Your Collection


Where Is? Pt. 2: ?????

Yo, I had to do this cuz Sacario soundin like Jigga reminded of this kid named "Angelus". I think that was his name...anyway, this dude put out this record called "45". Alot of niguz thought Jay made this record and it would be on "The Black Album". But if you listen to the lyrics, its not his style. I won't front, I thought it was him too, but pre-Reasonable Doubt....

Anyway, I STILL think this snippet is hot..

45 - Angelus (The Jay Z clone)

Where Is? Pt. 1: Sacario

Whatever happened to this kid? This song is fuckin filthy!!! He was on that "U don't have to call RMX"n a couple of songs with Angie Martinez. I know he sounded a lot like Jay Z....I think I just answered my own question.
Anyway, I've always liked this track.......

Sacario - Live Big(Car Keys)

For The R&B Heads....
U Don't have to Call RMX - Usher ft. Sacario

I think he might be doin reggaeton.
I hope not.

I searched him on youtube, he still working with Angie, and doin shows. I would've known that if I listened to Hot97. .....
YouTube has the remix to "Live Big" featuring Fat Joe...I'll post the version w/o the Angie Martinez (w)verse.

Tony Touch on Stretch Armstrong Show 1998 & Assorted Flavors

Tony Touch LA The Darkman 89.9

Limp - Money Boss Players (Lord Tariq)

Nickel Slick Nigga - KoKane

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Been Away....Now I'm Back

Too Late for Happy New Year & all that..2010 is already almost here!!
But for this year, I'm gonna just post random shit! See, I ran out of shit (or shall i say, I had less material than i thought) that I originally intended for this blog to be about.
It'll still be jamz u love....or should i say get no airplay. Imma start postin my own music.
For those that don't know, Bruto Lee Onis (Pronounced Brutally Honest) is my MC name(They still have those ?! M.C.'s I mean?)
I will be posting Jointz created by My crew (QuiXanD) as well as myself and whatever else I feel like posting...........Enjoy
QuiXanD is G'z Nemesis
Bruto Lee Onis

Gonna Give Ya - Bruto Lee Onis

The Profits Entrance Pt. 1

Da Elementz (RMX f. B.L.O.) - G'z Nemesis