Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rest In Peace IZ THE WIZ

For those Grafitti Heads out there, The Graf World lost one of its truest legends....and thats putting it lightly. Words can't explain what IZ meant to the culture. Bombing since 1972, IZ was a Pioneer. Personally, He was one of my idols. I first saw him on Style Wars, met him about 10 years later, and had the honor of Bombing with him (Along with my brother Sien5, Cavs, Sach & Mickey). I was a fuckin Toy, but MC'in is my talent. As far as Graf, Iwas quicker to take ya paint, and make you swim in the Bronx River than do a burner.
But Anyway, For Anybody who knows anything about Grafitti, it is known that the Graf world will never be the same. We lost an icon.


Click the title for a link to his website or check his myspace and wikipedia links below.

This ain't a rapper that got shot or some dumb shit, This was a True HipHop Pioneer.
Pay Your Respects.