Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Where Is? Pt. 3 : Deez Muhfuckaz!!!!!!!!

Do Your Homework cuz I never knew too much about these cats...except Son Doobie..(I'll get to that later)

Troubleneck Bros. - Back To The Hip Hop (1994)

For Your Collection

This dude was a Wu Tang Affiliate (I guess) Somebody forgot to tell RZA.
King Just - Warriors Drum (1994)

For Your Collection

And Finally, FunkDoobiest. Honestly They were not that dope to me, save for this track, the Buckwild remix, and the fact that I lost one of my best friends and early rhyme partners around this time.
On a lighter note, this nigga SonDoobie used his rap fame to start a short lived porn career....I ain't lyin.

Rock On (Buckwild RMX) - FunkDoobiest (1994)

R.I.P. Boom Bless (1977-1995)

For Your Collection


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