Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Where Is? Pt. 1: Sacario

Whatever happened to this kid? This song is fuckin filthy!!! He was on that "U don't have to call RMX"n a couple of songs with Angie Martinez. I know he sounded a lot like Jay Z....I think I just answered my own question.
Anyway, I've always liked this track.......

Sacario - Live Big(Car Keys)

For The R&B Heads....
U Don't have to Call RMX - Usher ft. Sacario

I think he might be doin reggaeton.
I hope not.

I searched him on youtube, he still working with Angie, and doin shows. I would've known that if I listened to Hot97. .....
YouTube has the remix to "Live Big" featuring Fat Joe...I'll post the version w/o the Angie Martinez (w)verse.

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