Monday, April 20, 2009

NYOil Interview on WKCR 4/08

Last Year Squeeze Radio had NYOil on their show to do the knowledge. For those that don't know, NYOil got his start in the early 90s as a member of The U.M.C.'s (known for their hit singles "Blue Cheese", and "One To Grow On".
In the past few years he has re-emerged on the scene expressing his views with no motherf@#kin apologies.
This is the kinda shit that needs to be on ya Hot97 and Power105. And Peter Rosenberg is on this shit too!

Oh, BTW, I know these shows are available on Podcast. I've just edited and posted these 2 particular interviews (check previous posts) because these opinions and facts need to be heard.

NYOil Interview

Y'all Should All Get Lynched

Cap'n Save A Hoe

If I've violated anyones legal rights by posting these shows, let me know & I'll remove them ASAP.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Squeeze Radio Ciphaz...

From The Squeeze Radio 5 Year Anniversary:
Lil Sci, Torae, & Shakespeare (w/ Marco Polo On the Beatz)

From The 7-10-08 Broadcast:
The Immortal Technique Interview

P. Casso, Mickey Factz, Fresh Daily, Shakespeare, & Poison Pen

And From The Archives (It even sounds dusty, please excuse)
Breez Evah Flowin, Velocity, ??????????, Poison Pen, & Lord Sear