Saturday, May 16, 2009

Too Long Remix -G'z Nemesis ft. B.L.O.

ThunderCats - Bruto Lee Onis

No This song is not a tribute to the cartoon

SuckIt M.C.'z - The 3

I Don't know what the fuck we collectively call ourselves anymore!

Chill - GP aka The GrandMan

Ol Schoo Remade - G'z Nemesis

Sucio - Bruto Lee Onis

A Summer Jam - Bruto Lee Onis

Yeah, Imma post my shit and see if I get lucky....

and this where I got the beat from

Nautilus - Bob James


Cavern - Liquid Liquid

Love For The Sake Of Love - Claudja Barry

Games People Play - Sweet G (Produced By Kurtis Blow)

Gotta Make It Up To You - Angela Bofill

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Your Love, So Good I Can Taste It - Barry White

Oh Love, Well We Finally Made It - Barry White

Playing Your Game, Baby - Barry White

10 minutes of Canibus 1998 (Hot97)

Respect to Vigilante Tantrum. A couple o months ago He posted The 1997 Hot97 Freestyle Session w. Canibus, Dmx, & Noreaga. Being that all of DMX &Nore's rhymes were from their albums, I chopped up the Canibus verses (some were known, some haven't been heard since). This is the Canibus I liked, not the Kamikaze MC that I gotta become a fuckin marine biologist to understand!

It's On - Beanie Sigel & Jay Z

This is one of my favorites tracks by these pricks!!

Darkest Light - Lafayette Afro Rock Band

I just noticed a fuck up, I put Forty Days by Billy Brooks twice....I smoke toooooo much. What I meant to put up was this..

Alcoholic Vibes - Lord Sear

Forty Days - Billy Brooks

Inspired "Luck Of Lucien" by ATCQ, "I'm The Boss" by Havoc & You tell me what else....

The Promo - Jungle Brothers (1988)

In Time - Jungle Brothers (1988)

This was Q-tips First appearance on a record.

Say You'll Be - Output (Jerome Prister)

Collaboration 98 - Sunz Of Man (Feat. Method Man & Tru Master)

Cold - Sunz Of Man (1998)

From The Album "The Last Shall Be The First"