Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jay Electronica - Exhibit C (Radio Rip)

From Tony Touch Shade45 radio show

Jay Electronica - Uprock

Jay Electronica - DefCon 4

Big Dame - Shut Shit Down (Orianday & Jay Electronica)

Jay Electronica - Suckas

Jay Electronica - Abracdabra

Jay Electronica - Renaissance Man

Jay Electronica - Spark 'em Up (Intro)

This verse is so ill. Its a great answer to Mazzis question.

Jay Electronica - Exhibit A (Transformations)

This kid is the muthafuckin' TRUTH!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NY Oil, Peter Rosenberg on Squeeze Radio 4-17-08

Y'all Should All Get Lynched

Cap'n Save A Hoe

CM Famalam cipher 99

From The Archives (It even sounds dusty)

Breez Evah Flowin, Velocity, ?????????, & Poison Pen

Squeeze Radio 5th Anniversary (3-08)

From The Squeeze Radio 5 Year Anniversary:
Lil Sci, Torae, & Shakespeare (w/ Marco Polo On the Beatz)

Immortal Technique on Squeeze Radio (7-10-08)

Squeeze Radio Ciphaz (7-10-08)

Squeeze Radio

P. Casso, Mickey Facts, Fresh Daily, Shakespeare, & Poison Pen

Reposts aka Im Lazy


Black Rob & LA The Darkman (Stretch & Bobbito 7/98)

Camron introduces Stan Spit - Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito 7/98

Happier times........

Take The Bait - Craig G. (1990)

From the LP "Now That's More Like It"

Craig G. & Phantasm Pt. 2

Craig G. & Phantasm (Cella Dwellas) - Stretch & Bobbito 95 Part 1

Natural Elements & Joell Ortiz (Halftime 10 year anniversary)

March 2008

Halftime Show 10th anniversary [Intro 3/2008]

The 10 year anniversary of DJ Eclipse's Halftime Radio Show (89.1 WNYU) was pretty special. And strange because they were experiencing technical difficulties, the producers on hand at least. So Eclipse had some time to fill........I don't know what else to write, I'm stoned. I'm postin the pre-freestyle intro..
The Lineup:
P Fine (WNYU 85-90)
Bobbito the Barber (WKCR 89tek9 90-02)
DJ Riz(Too Many Stations to Name)
Mayhem & Sonset (WNYU 93?-98)
J Smooth (WBAI Underground Railroad 91-Present)

among others..........

and yes I will be posting freestyles.