Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Roll Up Radio Show #65: 11-23-2K11


Lord Knows Freestyle - Soul Khan
History Lesson/Bada Boom (Big Sean, Drake diss) - Ludacris
Hurry Up & Buy - Kuniva
GunShots Pt.1 - Kuniva
Mississippi Burning - Tito Lopez
Get It Forever - Mobb Deep (Feat. Nas)
No Thrillz - Jon Connor
Rigamortis (Rmx) - Kendrick Lamar (Feat. Busta Rhymes)
Same Number Same Hood -  Homeboy Sandman
Light Years - Has-Lo
Prelude To A Murder - Add-2
Blank Slate - Esso X Sha Stimuli X Donwill
Quality Of Life - Joe Budden
The Machine - Senor Kaos X Homeboy Sandman X Buff1
The Ecology - Fashawn
Palookas (Rmx) - Talib Kweli (Feat. Sean Price)
Lost - Dawaun Parker
The Bounce Is Back - Da Bounce Squad
Fuck Excuses - Locksmith
Nasty - Nas
So Nasty - Jon Connor
Dirty Water - Raekwon & JD Era
How To Drown A Fish - Gangrene
Fisbawdup - Willie Evans Jr


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