Monday, April 4, 2011

Roll Up Radio Show 80s Edition


Sexy - Master's Of Ceremony
Step Up Front - Positive K
Cold Gettin' Dumb - Just-Ice
Court Is Now In Session - Chill Rob G
Ego Trippin' - UltraMagnetic M.C.'s
Potholes In My Lawn - De La Soul
Biz Is Goin' Off - Biz Markie
I Got An Attitude - Antoinette
10% Dis - MC Lyte
Lights Out, Party's Over - Antoinette
Shut The Eff Up! Hoe) - MC Lyte
I Pioneered This - MC Shan
Eazy-er Said Than Done - Eazy-E
Glamorous Life - Cool C
Funky Dividends - 3XDope
Something For The Radio (Instrumental)


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