Thursday, March 19, 2009

Organized Konfusion

Back in 1991, Pharaoh Monch made his debut with Prince Poetry (Tick TDR/CWK for all you ol' graf heads) as a group called Organized Konfusion. They released their self titled debut, and just like most real hip hop albums, it didn't sell. The shit is a classic though....and here Imma post some of my favorite cuts from that 1st album. They dropped 2 more albums that were hot as well, before Pharaoh went on the solo tip. I don't really know what Prince Po is up to but I'm sure hes still nice.
I'm posting specifically from the 1st album cuz its hard to find.

Organized Konfusion

Roosevelt Franklin

Releasing Hypnotical Gases

Prisoners Of War

Walk Into The Sun


Open Your Eyes

Fudge Pudge


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