Saturday, November 22, 2008

North East Bronx Representativez

I'm from the North East section of The Boogie Down. We are proud to claim Slick Rick (the Greatest Storyteller of All Time) as one of our own. I still see him around the way regularly.
In the early 90s Ricks Producer put out this duo named Greyson & Jasun (Also from The NEB). Greyson(MC) & Jasun(DJ) were fuckin dope! Shoulda got more shine but such is the ways of the music biz. Anyway here is another lesson in hip hop history

Livin' Like A Troopa (1991)

Livin Like ATroopa

Get Bizzy Featuring Slick Rick

Get Bizzy Featuring Slick Rick


Anonymous said...

These dudes was dope and I was always looking for a second album (that never came)from them. I thought they were nice on the mic and production tip! Man, living in the BX at that time much have been incredible on the music tip.

ROLO 123 said...

YEP!!!! IT WAS!!!